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Oversee your business in one place – from any place!

PediCharts is the professional practice management platform designed exclusively for pediatrics. Delivering exceptional compliance, profit, and growth – it’s the platform you need to Treat Kids Well!

$5 Billion

Claims Billed


Pediatric Clinicians


Visits Documented

Oversee Your Entire Business

Save thousands of dollars using a single platform!

Point of Care

Pediatric focused clinical point of care documentation for Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy, plus Private Duty Nursing!


Save time by automating your marketing processes and sending personalized messages to target audiences.


One of the most robust, accurate, and fast medical billing platforms on the planet. We’ve billed more than $5B in pediatric claims!


Check authorizations, fill open shifts, schedule overnight shifts – our scheduling and staffing platform does it all!


Job boards, screening, hiring, and onboarding – all in one place – all designed for pediatric agencies. It’s your new recruiting super power!


Advanced payroll calculations for per visit and per visit clinicians, overtime tracking, expense management and more. Stop wasting time on payroll!

Professional Compliance

PediCharts was designed by a healthcare attorney to ensure maximum compliance from intake to point of care to billing.

Automated Compliance

PediCharts has more than 150 validation checks at the point of care, ensuring your documentation is accurate and timely.

QA and Incident Management

Handle all of your infection control, QAPI, and surveys with our robust QA program – built in!

Professional Profits

Pediatrics is a tricky industry. You have to manage authorizations and orders, HCPCS codes and modifiers, high tech and low tech, and countless other payer-specific requirements. We make it easy!

Built-In Clearinghouse Submissions

Stop switching between systems. PediCharts has direct integrations with the largest clearinghouses in home health.

Advanced Reporting

See exactly where your revenue, expenses, payroll, and profits are at any time. PediCharts has built in alerts, reports, and even an analyzer to keep you on track.

Boost Your Services

Add therapy and nursing services. Add concierge programs with patient-specific pricing. You can even add Medicare services. PediCharts is designed to grow your agency!

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See just how easy it is to look like a boss when you have a professional oversight platform.

More than 20,000 happy clinicians

Join us to see why pediatric professionals love using PediCharts to treat kids well.

Bonnie G.
Speech Therapist

“The charting is just beautiful.”

Neil S.
Occupational Therapist

“PediCharts is better than I hoped for.”

Roberta C.
Physical Therapist

“The goal tracking is amazing.”

Thomas L.

“Flowsheets are sick!”

Karen N.

“The reports are pretty cool.”

Helene E.
Clinical Director

“I can do QA from anywhere!”

Robert B.

“Hit quota in less than 2 days!”

Lana B.

“Thanks for treating kids well!”

Easy pricing. Get started in 5 minutes or less.

Pricing designed to help professional pediatric practices treat kids well – for less!



plus $14/active user

Great for start up and solo agencies.

  • Everything you need to run your agency
  • Point of care for PT, OT, ST, and Nursing
  • Scheduling and staffing
  • Billing and collections
  • Authorization and QA management
  • Financial reconciliation and reporting
  • Your logo on your forms!
  • Email support during business hours (M-F 7am – 7pm CST)



plus $12/active user

Best for medium sized agencies.

  • Everything in Essentials, plus:
  • Recruiting management, job board, and applicants
  • Marketing management, CRM, and referrals
  • 100G of extra storage
  • 3.4% credit card processing
  • 1M emails a month
  • Phone, chat, and email support
  • Robust developer platform and third-party integrations



plus $10/active user

Best for large agencies.

  • Everything in Professional, plus:
  • Operations management, inventory, and equipment
  • Branded point of care app
  • 1,000G of extra storage
  • 3.2% credit card processing
  • 10M emails a month
  • 24×7 phone, chat, and email support
  • Robust developer platform and third-party integrations

Frequently asked questions

Easy peasy. We make it easy to treat kids well.

Why should I choose PediCharts?

Because we make it easy to treat kids well! We are one of the only pediatric-specific platforms in home health. With more than a decade of experience and more than $5B billed, we know pediatrics and we’ve made it easy for you to grow your pediatric agency. Why use a system designed for Medicare agencies when you can have one that was designed to “treat kids well”?

What is the difference between licenses?

The Freelancer license is aimed at people who work on their own. It grants you the right to use the purchased product only for one project (either yours or for a client).

The Enterprise license is aimed at large companies with multiple projects. It grants you the right to create any kind of software, SaaS, digital products and sell them.

The Enterprise license is aimed at large companies with multiple projects. It grants you the right to create any kind of software, SaaS, digital products and sell them.

All the differences between the types of licenses are available here.

What does the Tech Support refer to?

Depending on your license type, you have a fixed period when you can submit any ticket to us regarding product functionalities and bug fixes (learning and tutorials related requests are not included). You will get responses directly from the product’s creators in 24 hours (during business days):

If you purchase the Freelancer license, you will receive Support from us for 6 months. If you need 12 months of Support, you will need the Company license.

If you purchase the Enterprise license, you will benefit from 24 months of Support. At the end of this period, you will need to renew your license (purchase the product again) to get Support.

What does the Team Size refer to?

The Team size for each license reflects the number of people who can access the product.

For example, if you buy the Freelancer license, only one person can use the product. If you have a team of 6-10 people, you will need the Company license.

For bigger teams of 5 developers, you will need to purchase an Enterprise License.

Why are you calling it “early access”?

We’re really happy with the components we’ve put together so far, but we’ve still more we’re planning to build. Every component you see in the preview is available to use today, but there’s still at least a few dozen more ideas we’re planning to design and include.

What browsers does Tailwind Dashboard support?

The components in Tailwind UI are designed to work in the latest, stable releases of all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

We don’t support Internet Explorer 11.

What is the difference between licenses?

Depending on the license you purchase, you can use our products to either code a website/web application for you, for a client, or for multiple clients, which will be hosted on one or multiple domains:

For example, if you purchased the Freelancer License, you can create only one website (for you or a client). If you want to create multiple websites, you will need a bigger license (like Company or Enterprise). Same, if you have multiple subdomains, like test.yoursite.com (http://test.yoursite.com/) or dev.yoursite.com (http://dev.yoursite.com/), you can use the Freelancer or Startup License.

For more information about our licenses, you can check it here.

What does the Free Updates refer to?

Depending on your license type, you have a determined period when you receive product Updates that include bug fixes and new features:

Freelancer: You will receive Free Updates for 6 months. Company: You will receive Free Updates for 12 months. Enterprise: You will benefit from 24 months of Free Updates.

Can I remove the copyright notice from the files?

You can remove the copyright notice (if it’s a premium item), but then you will need to create a separate .txt file called LICENSE.txt, and copy paste the copyright text in there. This file should be added to the root folder of your project.

Treat kids well.

PediCharts was made for kids – and the professionals who treat them. With more compliance, profit, and growth built in – you can take care of more kids without adding staff, working late, or losing sight of what’s important.

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